Can you hear me?

DCIG is currently running a project focusing on the legal aid to children on the move and in need of international protection. We operate in five different regions of  Greece, namely Athens, Lesvos, Evros, Epirus and Crete island. DCI provides legal assistance and representation to children in need of protection, as well as, shares its children’s rights expertise with other professionals in the area of refugee child protection. The main goal of this project is to fill in the significant gap in the existing legal assistance and representation officially provided to refugee children. Given the current context in Greece and Europe where thousands of unaccompanied children on the move go missing, and they are exposed to outrageous living conditions, sexual violence and trafficking, the presence of an independent Organization such as the DCI offering them free legal assistance and support is paramount.

The main pillar of ‘Can you hear me’ project is the establishment of the Children’s Rights Helpdesk at the headquarters of DCI.




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