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Our Child Protection Center offers to our beneficiaries the ‘safe space’ to trust their story, needs, fears but also dreams. It becomes their ‘refuge’ when they arrive tired from a long and dangerous journey which they were forced to undertake. When they get in touch with our Helpdesk, through which our Child Protection Center operates, they meet our team of experts in the field of child protection of children on the move. They actually meet the people who are meant to become their fellow traveler in their complex journey to become visible, protected and empowered. Thus, our Child Protection Center becomes their focal point where they can ask and receive information, empowerment, legal support and protection.

Our services are guided by a holistic approach that recognizes the interdependence of rights for a child to be well and safe. They are also structured on the belief that children need to be heard and participate along the processes. Our services aim to remind the Official Authorities of their responsibility to take care of each child and we view our role as the mediator between them and the child. We are also aiming through advocacy and strategic work to enhance the official child protection system.






























Our Impact 


 During 2021- 2022:

82% of our homeless, exploited children, and children in danger were transferred

into state accommodation


100% of our illegally detained children were released within one month


87% of family reunification cases were successful with the vast majority of the

children are already safe in another country


93% of our beneficiaries have managed to grant immediate access to the asylum



100% of the single mothers that have suffered torture in their country of origin or

during their trip to Greece, managed to access protection services, so as to receive

proof of documentation of torture.


78% of our beneficiaries received a positive decision on their asylum and/or

admissibility interviews




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