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Field Research 

We conduct research missions to areas where children are exposed to great vulnerability. DCIG is becoming ‘the eyes’ and ‘the voice’ of children exposed in extreme vulnerability.

Our DCIG team monitors the effective implementation of children's rights by state and non-state actors through in-depth research, documents the human rights situation of the children in need of protection, brings up the voice of the children and develops proposals with the help of the children themselves, makes concrete recommendations for the improvement of the situation and initiates dialogue with society and the bodies that represent it.

DCIG has already conducted more than 15 research missions since 2018 in Lesvos, Epirus, Athens, Evros and Creta island where children on the move are exposed to outrageous living conditions and great dangers for their life. The findings were translated into concrete policy recommendations that we used broadly for our advocacy purposes on national and supra-national levels.

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