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Young Ambassadors

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At DCI-Greece, our Youth Advisory Board, known as the Youth Ambassadors cluster, serves as a beacon of advocacy and empowerment for migrant teenagers and youth. This influential cohort provides critical advice to our organization's Board, conducts peer-to-peer activities, delivers training sessions to children and youth on the move, and leads  advocacy initiatives. Their establishment within DCI-Greece stands as a pivotal milestone, complementing our organizational structures and advocacy efforts. Since 2019, these Ambassadors have embarked on an array of awareness-raising and advocacy activities, influencing decision-making not only at the domestic level but also engaging in youth participation and advocacy at UN level.

In recent months, through the EU co funded project 'Justice Starts with Us' under the Child Friendly Justice Network, the cluster was expanded and  has taken center stage, aiming to empower migrant children and youth involved with the Greek asylum justice system. Focused on enhancing their capacity to become advocates of their rights, this project targets individuals engaged in administrative asylum proceedings. Building upon the existing cluster of Young Ambassadors within DCI-Greece, this initiative equips participants with knowledge on child-friendly justice principles and their rights, utilizing interactive methods. They delve into the participatory 'Theatre of the Oppressed,' refining Forum, Rainbow, and Legislative Theatre techniques. Through these immersive methods, participants actively engage in matters concerning them, shaping ideas, rehearsing realities, and crafting advocacy material for presentation before Authorities, Key Stakeholders, and the wider community.

Our Youth Ambassadors recently visited Genoa and Brussels, presenting their key messages before policymakers, academics, mps, at the European Commission,  showcasing their dedication to fostering a fair system for children seeking safety upon arrival in Europe.

Following their impactful visits to Genoa and Brussels, our youth ambassadors will journey onwards to new destinations, firm in their commitment to establishing a fair system for children seeking safety and protection upon their arrival in Europe.

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