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Healing Me

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   ~healing  me~


The -healing me – project aims to empower children, youth, alone mothers on the move and professionals, to offer them the tools to relax their mind and bring ease into their daily life, to increase their sense of value, safety and belonging,  develop the quality of gratitude and resilience and realize how incredible and capable they are of becoming who they truly wish to become.

Besides all these, the healing me project strives to make them see healing from a broader angle where human connection and the impact we have on each other’s life through the way of being becomes key elements in the healing process.Specific techniques can help in achieving that.

Breathing, sound therapy, mediation, yoga, art and mindfulness are some of the techniques that the healing me project chooses to go with and share with our participants.

In our work with children in the humanitarian actor we have realized that healing moments happened in the most unexpected ways. It was when a child was truly seen, understood and heard, when a minor was given the space they asked for, when our consistency created safety, our love and support restored the faith to humanity.

On top of that when we introduced the healing techniques to the children and young people we work with, we witnessed a major shift in their sense of well being and belonging.

‘It is the first time I feel safe to stay in silence with myself and feel the presence of all of you at the same time’, a 16year old participant from Syria shared with us.

The healing me project is addressed to the children and youth on the move, as well as, to the professionals on the field. Trainings into community members will take place aiming to multiply the impact of these benefits to the community.

We have been running monthly retreats and healing sessions with children on the move and we are aiming for more.


The healing me suitcase can also travel and find children, community members and professionals where they are.




Through the –healing me- project we envision a step closer to a world of compassion, understanding, justice and love.


-By healing me I heal you-

-By healing me I heal the justice system-

-By healing me I heal the world-

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